Residential Pest Control – Moths

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Residential Pest Control – Moths

There are certain places in your home where you store your personal items. Maybe you have a dress that has been in the family for a long period of time that you like to protect or some other items that have sentimental value to you. You may not have seen these items for a long time and just remembered them. You would like to take a look at them again. You reach the area where your dress is stored, and you cry out in shock to find that it has some holes burrowed in it from moths.pest control san antonio

Moths are similar to butterflies and have a unique life cycle. They feed off of various things left behind but primarily fabrics. If you look around the home, you will see just how much fabric you have that could potentially be damaged. Our moth exterminators have just what you need to prevent this from getting out of hand.

The problem with moths is generally with the larvae that they leave behind and can lay eggs in the bulk, which makes the problem that much worse. This also presents a problem if your moth exterminator service person is not there to eliminate the problem.

Moths can also get into your food. In some cases, you may open a container, like a cereal box, for example, and discover a moth there, or even worse, you haven’t discovered it, but it has been in the cereal the whole time and laid eggs in the food. This is the result of a major infestation problem that you may not have been aware of because you are not sure where to look for, discover, or know that there was a problem. Let’s not go on with the implications of what that might lead to!

Moths are also attracted to dead carcasses, so if you have laid out poison to kill a rodent, it may have killed the rodent, but its carcass is in an inaccessible area that you cannot reach. Moths will use this perfect opportunity to lay their eggs and larvae in the carcass, and then you have another problem. In a case like that, we can locate the area where they have laid their eggs and establish preventative maintenance for the future.

Our exterminators provide various services to rid you of your pest problem. From rodents to moths, we have a highly experienced team that has dealt with these problems before and are ready to work with you to find a long-term solution.

Whether in the office, the home, or other areas where pests are, we have the right technology available to neutralize the problem. Our equipment is proprietary, heavy-duty, tested, and proven to do the job. We are here to protect your family from threats and thrive in dark and unreachable places.